Welcome to Emptor Plus

Engineering growth through supply chain innovation

We are energy and nuclear industry supply chain specialists. We provide tailored, innovative and transformational solutions to help organisations and people to succeed.

Our strengths are based on decades of industry working and cross-section knowledge. We specialise in industrial supply chain research, technology support cross-sector awareness, opportunity identification, pre-qualification, tendering, selection, order winning and contract execution through to completion and close-out.

Working with us organisations will:

• Gain industry landscape and planning horizon knowledge
• Match strengths to buyer and seller expectations
• Understand codes, standards, regulatory and contract quality requirements
• Become familiar with key nuclear technologies, past present and into the future
• Appreciate in-sector competition, collaborative challenges and market barrier effects
• See where the industry demand and relevant opportunities are.

Using our experience organisations will be better placed to challenge and develop strategies, direction, policy, process, standards and people to meet market expectations and requirements.

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Our Services

  • Industry & landscape knowledge

  • Supplier & supply chain development

  • Strategy development & research

  • Industry sourcing, registration, selection & pre-qualification

  • Regulatory, codes, standards, regulatory, qualification, tendering, negotiation, contract winning & execution

  • Independent reviews tutorials & workshops

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